Ford Mustang Fastback

49.000 euro

Ford Mustang Fastback in 'Heaven Bleu' over a similar Bleu interior.
The first-generation Ford Mustang was manufactured by Ford from March 1964 until 1967 and an instant sale succes.
The introduction of the Mustang created a new class of automobiles known as the 'pony' cars and its styling, with its long hood and short deck, proved wildly popular and became 'the sportscar to have' in the mid-sixties !
This is a really very nice looking and good driving Mustang Fastback from the first series, year 1965.
It comes with the unbeatable ci289 - V8 engine with around 200 HP, in combination with an automatic gearbox, disc brakes and sports exhaust.
A beautifull Mustang in its desirable Fastback 2+2 style, ready to enjoy immediately on all kind of driving events,
Delivered in full ready condition with all EU/Belgium immatriculation documents and even its original booklet.
Get in and enjoy the sound of this fantastic classic Mustang !