Jaguar XJS

35.000 euro

This is the ultimate 'Outlaw' Jaguar XJS !
It comes in 'Old English White' in combination with an all original Black interior.
This is one of the most wanted 'first series' XJS year 1979 with the famous V12 - 5.3l engine with 285 HP and a manual 4 speed gearbox.
It was especially converted to lookalike 'Lister' specs with a 'wide steel body', massive 270/45/15 wheels with Michelin Racing TB tyres, adjustable 'Intrax' shock absorbers and a double racing-exhaust with a fantastic sound to give it this great driving experience !
An ideal and very rare XJS to enjoy to the fullest and a real headturner on every fun drive and at Classic driving events.
Delivered with all EU/Belgian immatriculation documents and ready for the true sportscar enthousiast.
"Be different, be Outlaw, be Jaguar, be exceptional..."
Are you ready to keep this wild Cat on the track ?