Mercedes 350 SL

32.500 euro

Mercedes 350 SL in 'Red' over a Black interior and with Black softtop.
The new SL 'R107-type' was introduced to the world in 1972, and this is one of the first from 1973, the most wanted now and known for their their 'chrome' details.
Immediately it was an instant succes, and 'the car to have' for the 'rich and and beautifull' in the early seventies...
It comes with the V8 engine, 3.5l and 200 HP, together with the 3-speed automatic gearbox and 'servo'-steering, which makes it a very comfortable sportscar.
Delivered new in Germany, later exported to Sweden and now here with us after a 'sympathic restoration', its just a fantastic looking and driving SL.
It benefits from new paint, new softtop, new interior, a full mechanic inspection, so really ready for a lot of joy and miles in the future...
Put up your sunglasses, take the curvy seaside-roads, or take part in some classic driving events, and smile all the way...
Delivered with all EU/Belgian documents.