45.000 euro

Happy to have on offer, this wonderfull
'Moretti 850 Sportiva Coupé' in Dark green over a Tan interior.
Look at it, this is a very sexy (little) sportscar, only 111cm high, and is one that will always be admired whereever you arrive !
This 1967 Moretti Sportiva has the (Fiat) 843 cc engine with around 60 hp combined with the 4 speed gearbox and remains as one of the most beautiful designs of the later 1960s.
Although some sources suggest as many as 300 examples were built, Giovanni Moretti more recently stated only 50 Sportivas like this one were constructed, so very rare to find one in this lovely condition.
The car's nose and profile share similarities with the Ferrari 246 'Dino' so it was later called by many 'the small Dino'.
Its a unique chance to find one, and an ideal sixties sporty-car 'price to quality to rarity' !
Delivered with European-immatriculation documents (Italy+Belgium) and a full mechanical service before delivery, so ready for its next chapter...