Morgan +8

52.500 euro

Morgan +8 in Black metallic over a Wine-Red leather interior.
These Morgans are still one of the very few car designs, that after more than 50 years, look just as wonderfull as ever before.
Produced in very small numbers by hand, always 'on command' for their owners, they have survived not only time but also fashion.
Its a true 'classic under the classics', and loved by many around the globe.
This Morgan +8 was delivered new in Belgium in 1991 to its first owner, and comes today with only 43.000 km in overall fantastic and original condition.
Start the mighty 3.9l V8 (Rover) engine, hear the sound through the double exhaust, and you will enjoy every minute in this great sportscar.
Delivery includes a full inspection, all EU/Belgian documents and an official 'value-report' confirming its overall condition to price...