Porsche 911

35.000 euro

Porsche 911 Coupé in GreyBleu metallic over a black interior.
Delivered new in the USA in 1975, but already since 1998 in Belgium, this 911 Coupé comes in good condition overall.
Its one of the first new 'G'-models from 1975 with 'small body' and 'chrome windows', original 'Cookie' alu wheels and electric sunroof !
The interior is still very clean with nice black seats, wooden Nardi steering wheel and new Blaupunkt Navi-system.
(Chassis 911 520 1501 / engine 63D5984 = engine from a 3.0 SC 204 HP)
The current Belgian owner enjoyed it a lot, driving mostly in the summer with the Belgian Porsche Classic Club events.
Delivered with EU/Belgian immatriculation documents and a 'FIVA passport', and some invoices from the last 5 years regarding its services by a Porsche-specialist.
An ideal 911 to drive and enjoy immediately without any further investment and at a very nice 'take-away' price !
So ' start and drive", for those who want a classic 911 just to enjoy and have fun with it...!