Porsche 911 Carrera 3.2 Cabrio G50

55.000 euro

Porsche 911 Carrera 3.2 Cabriolet G50 in 'Indischrot' over a Black interior and Black roof.
This 911 Carrera was delivered new and came through well known German Porsche-tuner 'DP Motorsport' as '935 Ultra-Wide Body Flachsnauzer Convertible'.
In the late '80s those extraordinary sportscars became very popular thanks to television stars as 'Miami Vice' and 'Dynasty', and were very exclusive build for the 'happy few'.
(Think 'Koenig Specials' for mostly Ferrari and 'DP Motorsport, Gemballa or Strosek' for Porsches)
This 911 Carrera Cabrio comes in overall fantastic condition (!), all 'original DP935', and is a very rare 911 among all the others.
It has the 231HP - 6 cylinder boxer engine combined with the G50 manual 5-speed gearbox from the last and best 3.2 series (1987-1989).
Whatever Porsche meeting or other 'Classic Car' gathering you will take part, it will be for sure the 911 with the most pictures taken from, thanks to its exclusivity and fantastic looks !
Enjoy every moment in the sun with the roof down, and feel free to smile all the way while driving this very exciting 911 Convertible !
Just fully serviced (2019), delivered with all EU-Belgian Immatriculation documents, some invoices and Porsche Manual -
(Offers welcome, trade-in possible.)