Porsche 911 SC ' RIJKSWACHT'

135.000 euro

Porsche 911 SC 3.0 Targa 'RIJKSWACHT'.
Delivered new in december 1980 to the Belgian Government as 'RIJKSWACHT' - Police car.
Fully restored and in perfect condition overall.
'Porsche Certificate Authenticity' !
Fits in every serious collection around the world...!

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note : Only 20 x Porsche 3.0 SC Targa were delivered new to the 'Belgian Police - Rijkswacht', this one was used between 1980 and 1995. Maintenance was done during the'guarantee period' by the local Porsche Dealer, but afterwards mostly by the 'internal service stations'. Also they had all done a lot of highway surveillance and so lots of kilometers. After their 'service' as a Police car, they were dismantled, repainted and sold on the second hand market as a 'normal' Porsche Targa. This one was discovered in 2011 and 'sympathicly back restored to its original delivery package'.
Its a rare oppurtunity to find one and for sure fits in every collection ! Or be 'the one and only at every classic car meeting' !