Porsche 928

24.500 euro

From a client of us, we can offer for sale his :
Porsche 928 in 'Guards Red' over a 'Karo' interior.
This is one of the first series 928 from 1980 with a 5 speed manual gearbox and powered by the
Porsche 4.5l V8 engine with 240 Hp.!
Introduced in 1977 to the world it became 'Car of the Year' due to its futuristic design and well engineered mechanics.
This 928 comes in overall good driving condition, 141.000 km on the odometer, and was used by its current owner to take part in some 'touristic Porsche Classic Club meetings'.
It runs smoothly and is an ideal 'cruising' 928 for those who just want to enjoy the scenery and the ride along...
Delivered 'as is' with Belgian immatriculation documents and some period brochures.